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How Much Do Drug Rehabs Cost?

how much does rehab cost

People are often surprised at how much drug and alcohol treatment centers cost. A one month stay can cost $30,000 dollars or more. Thankfully, many insurance companies cover some if not all of the cost of drug and alcohol rehab programs.

When considering the cost of drug and alcohol treatment it is important to remember WHAT you are paying for.

At most facilities you will live in the treatment center for the duration of your stay and may commute from home or a sober living home once in an outpatient level of care. So it’s important to remember the cost of rent is included in the price. Generally, these are very nice homes— remodeled to service the needs of both patients and a 24-hour staff.

Then there is the staff. Most treatment centers employ several therapists, case managers, drivers, house managers, admissions coordinators, doctors, psychiatrists, and medical assistants.

Most treatment centers include meals catered during group hours and meals for dinner and breakfast at the residence.

There are outings to places like movies, restaurants, and amusement parks— all usually covered by the treatment center.

There are usually several vehicles for transporting clients to meetings, appointments, and group therapy that have to be filled with gasoline and need regular maintenance.

-Gym memberships are generally included to clients at the treatment center

Most drug and alcohol treatment centers are designed to give clients the safest and most comfortable structure to begin working a program of recovery and accommodating these needs is not cheap.

Most importantly remember that although the cost may seem huge it is nothing compared to the results that can be produced by making the decision to change you or a loved one’s life by giving sobriety a chance.

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