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Orange County Treatment Facility Photos

Newport Beach Addiction Treatment

We have expanded to a new office to offer more outpatient services to the Orange County community! Our Newport Beach office is located at 4029 Westerly Place #101. The reason for adding this facility is to accommodate more people into the program, as the facility is larger and able to have bigger group sessions. This assists clients by providing a larger recovery community and more opportunities to build a sober network.

Outpatient Santa Ana Treatment Center

Blue Coast Behavioral Health’s outpatient clinic is located in Santa Ana, CA at 585 Cabrillo Park Dr #105. If you are seeking Orange County treatment, see our drug and alcohol rehab outpatient facility photos below! They include our group therapy, individual therapy, and lounge area rooms.

Orange County Treatment

Blue Coast Behavioral Health is the operating name for our outpatient rehab services. We also offer detox and residential Orange County treatment services for inpatient treatment under the name New Start Recovery in Santa Ana and Tustin. Our detox and residential facilities have a high staff-to-client ratio so we can individualize care effectively. 

The recommended treatment path starts with the detox level of care. This allows individuals to go through withdrawals from their drug of choice in a safe and comfortable environment. Inpatient detox also ensures that there is no chance of relapse during this critical period of flushing chemicals from the system. Detox lasts 7-10 days and is followed by residential care. Inpatient residential care is typically 30-90 days depending on the individual. During this time, the program teaches valuable recovery skills that will be used once the person transitions back into an outpatient/independent living environment. 

The final stages of treatment are PHP (partial hospitalization program), IOP (intensive outpatient program), and outpatient/aftercare.