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Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, CA

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Our mission is to inspire and influence men to discover their limitless potential and purpose for everyday living.

Where do I start? This program has saved my life in every way possible. The way it is run is simple and yet so effective its hard to even put into words…The staff is the most supportive and qualified bunch of people I have ever met. I’m happy to call a lot of them friends in the short time I have been here. It’s my pleasure to let anyone know that Blue Coast isn’t your average rehabilitation program. But one that goes above and beyond not just my expectations but everyone else’s that call The Huntington Beach house home. 


Individual & Group Therapy

Addiction presents differently for everyone, so each treatment plan is tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs. Therapeutic modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, the matrix model, and WRAP.

Family Support

Support from family is an integral part of treatment. Understanding the nature of addiction and the options for treatment can help family members navigate the complex relationship dynamics with loved ones who struggle with substance abuse.

Dual Diagnosis

Mood disorders have a high rate of co-occurence with substance use disorder. In order to treat addiction, mood disorders must be conscientiously managed with the help of therapy, psychiatric assistance, and medication in some cases.

Personal Development

Associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. Manic episodes include high energy, reduced need for sleep, and loss of touch with reality. Depressive episodes include low energy and loss of interest.

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About BCBH

Blue Coast Behavioral Health offers important outpatient resources for individuals seeking help for mental illness, as well as their families, that go above and beyond. Treatment requires a holistic approach that addresses therapeutic needs, crisis planning, and ongoing fellowship support. Our counselors adjust client treatment plans on an individualized basis to meet the needs of each unique individual.

Learn more about the admissions process, different types of therapy offered Blue Coast, and why family programs are integral.

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