Rehab centers offer a safe and controlled atmosphere so you can focus on recovery. They also prepare you for outpatient.


Intensive Outpatient Treatment


Ongoing Therapy

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Understanding MAT

A common misconception associated with MAT is that it substitutes one drug for another. Instead, these medications relieve the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that cause chemical imbalances in the body.


Research has shown that when provided at the proper dose, medications used in MAT have no adverse effects on a person’s intelligence, mental capability, physical functioning, or employability.

Regulated Use

Medications used in MAT for opioid treatment can only be dispensed through a SAMHSA-certified OTP. Some of the medications used in MAT are controlled substances due to their potential for misuse.

Insurance Covers Treatment


Holistic Recovery

Treatment requires a holistic approach that goes beyond just getting clean and sober. To make the change stick, recovery must become a lifestyle. In order to encourage this paradigm shift, rehab centers important resources for individuals and families that go above and beyond.

Learn more about the inpatient admissions process, different types of therapy offered at many recovery centers, and why family programs are integral.

Admissions Process

What to expect, things to bring with you, and what the admissions process looks like at many recovery treatment centers

Therapy Approach

Good treatment centers take an individualized approach to addiction therapy, so each treatment plan is tailored to meet specific needs

Family Resources

Support from family is an integral part of treatment, and many treatment programs offer regular family therapy

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