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Treatment Philosophy at Blue Coast Behavioral Health

Our mission is to inspire and influence men to discover their limitless potential for everyday living. The men’s program at Blue Coast Behavioral Health prioritizes facilitating a healthy, safe atmosphere for recovery. Our treatment philosophy combines an atmosphere of encouragement, aspiration, and life fulfillment with accountability measures such as relapse prevention planning and random urinalysis/breathalyzer testing.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Philosophy

Our outpatient program at Blue Coast Behavioral Health offers critical services for individuals in early sobriety. In terms of behavioral health, that includes several types of therapeutic modalities such as the Matrix Model and ACT. In addition to therapy, the main philosophical foundations of our program are honesty, community, self actualization, and giving back. 

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Four Cornerstones of Treatment

Proceed with Integrity

Recovery requires individuals to walk in truth. That means looking at problems head on and dealing with life on life’s terms, as well as confronting difficult emotions constructively.

Foundation in the Foxhole

Community represents an important place of safety for individuals in recovery. Hanging out and networking with other sober people sets the stage for success going forward.

Participate in Your Purpose

Addiction often gets in the way of life goals and self actualization. Participating in one’s purpose means shifting focus back to the things that offer true, lasting fulfillment.

Do Good as We Do Well

As the paradoxical AA adage goes, “You have to give it away to keep it.” Newcomers to recovery rely on the fellowship for support and guidance, so giving back to the community benefits everyone.

Addiction Therapy in Orange County

Blue Coast Behavioral Health Treatment Philosophy

Blue Coast Behavioral Health prioritizes providing the right therapy and treatment for individuals in early recovery. Our outpatient program uses several therapeutic modalities to achieve that including cognitive behavioral therapy, the Matrix Model, 12-step, ACT, and the Enneagram.

Read more about our program structure to find out how our certified and experienced addiction counselors facilitate individual and group therapy.


Relapse Prevention at Blue Coast

Relapse prevention serves as one of the main topics of care planning at Blue Coast. Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. So we understand that the journey does not end when an individual completes their outpatient program.

Our program at Blue Coast includes specific relapse prevention plans as part of our WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) methodology. If you would like to learn more about our program and treatment philosophy at Blue Coast, our counselors are always available by phone: 855-997-4702