Studies have shown that people recovering from opiate dependence have better success rates when using the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) method. Although the approach has taken a while to gain acceptance from more traditional communities like AA, peer-reviewed studies continue to demonstrate that MAT is a viable option.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Various addiction doctor-prescribed medications control opiate cravings with reliability and longevity. Many people choose to use medication-assisted treatment for years, as it offers a higher guarantee against relapse.

Detox Doesn’t Guarantee Recovery

Drug detox is not designed to resolve the long-standing psychological, social, and behavioral problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse. Appropriate drug treatment after detox greatly increases long-terms success.

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Many recovery facilities offer medically monitored drug and alcohol detox in a home-like environment. Medical teams use the latest evidence-based approaches to make sure this period is safe and as comfortable as possible. During detox, clinicians manage the physical changes that occur in the brain and body after repeated alcohol or drug use while providing the highest level of comfort and support.