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What is the Enabling Cycle in Addiction?

What sort of process can enablers go through when trying to help friends or family with addiction issues?

The cycle of enabling begins with the idea of help. Then continues because of a serious misunderstanding of what help is. The provision of basic support can be enabling. Yes, even providing food, water, or shelter can be enabling. The challenge is knowing when it is enabling and when it is not. Unless one has the means to observe the behavior of an addict 24/7—  I believe it is not possible to make this judgment.

Active sobriety is the answer to making the judgement.  


What is active sobriety?

Treatment is active sobriety.  Treatment is based on medical need. Detox, residential, PHP in some cases, IOP, OP, attend meetings, work steps with sponsor, connect with the sober community, (meet with a therapist throughout the process whenever possible) continue for the rest of one’s life is a good start generally.  Modifications are made on an individual basis.

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