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Is California The Best Place To Get Sober

California Sober Life

Geographically relocating yourself is generally not considered the best move when someone’s trying to get clean from drugs. The problem of addiction is a part of you, and it will follow you wherever you go. The right treatments and supports can have a positive effect on your future, no matter where you are. However, if someone has to relocate for the purpose of finding rehab, they might consider Southern California. California sober life offers a lot of amenities for those who choose to abstain from alcohol and narcotics.

California is known to be home to some of the best rehab facilities in the United States. Since California’s drug policy is much more extensively attended to than those of other states, the availability of treatment is much higher. Los Angeles and San Francisco in particular are known for their treatment programs and the high rate of success with addicts attempting to recover.

Why Is Southern California Sober Life Different?

People from all across the states flock to Southern California to go to rehab and get treatment. We’ve already explained how California’s drug laws are the most detailed across the nation. The best rehabs, in the state with the best drug laws, are located in Southern California.

Aside from having the best rehabs, Southern California is simply a great environment to go clean. There are many cities that thrive on the culture of sobriety.

San Francisco has a huge culture of people who focus on building sober lives. They find activities and go to meetings and constantly celebrate the fact that they’re able to live without needing drugs and alcohol.

Los Angeles also has a huge sober culture. These are some of the reasons that Southern California is a better place to go sober than many other places across the U.S.

  • The Sober Living Network is a “non profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the operation and management of sober living and other community recovery support resources.”
  • The group supports and houses over 25,000 local residents each year. Studies suggest that groups and networks like this have a tremendous impact on the recovery of an addict, and reduce the chance of future relapse.
    • The group provides training and information for its residents to help build better futures.
    • There are standards that support quality living in the sober living home.
    • They offer direct assistance from medically trained professionals to the homes of women at risk and children.
  • Soberchella is a festival held in L.A. That was created by a couple who wished that they could attend Coachella – a very popular music festival held annually – without being tempted by drugs or booze. This helps to show drug addicts that it’s possible to have just as much fun while sober as it is while on drugs!
  • The weather and natural landscape of Southern California are world-renowned. Beautiful lakes, palm trees, great beaches, and a blue sky are all great reminders that life is incredible on its own and that you don’t need drugs to find beauty in it.

What Sort of Resources Are Available in Southern California?

If you look at a list of the top rehab centers in the United States, it’s a guarantee that some of the facilities you’ll see listed are going to be in Southern California due to the natural perks associatd with California sober life. Los Angeles has some world-renowned rehab facilities that are reputed for being effective, comfortable, and cost-effective.

There is also a huge variety of resources available. Since California’s drug laws are fleshed out so well, people understand and accept that addiction is a real issue. Because of this, the amount of rehab and detox facilities is quite a bit higher than that of other states.

Facilities available in Southern California include:

  • Inpatient rehab facilities. Inpatient rehabs are intensive rehab facilities that are intended for those who don’t succeed with other treatments. Those who attend inpatient rehabs are expected to remain at the facility for the duration of their rehabilitation. They will be supervised around the clock by medical professionals to ensure that they don’t come to harm. Inpatient rehabs offer different types of therapy, detox treatments, and supports.
  • Outpatient rehab facilities. Outpatient rehabs are less rigid than inpatient rehabs. During an outpatient rehabilitation program, the patient is expected to attend scheduled meetings for a total of around 8 to 12 hours a week. They are free to go home, go to school, and go to work. Outpatient rehabs are for those who have less intense addictions who don’t need to be supervised around the clock in order to get clean.
  • Inpatient detox facilities: An inpatient detox is a facility that drug users go to in order to get through withdrawals. Detox facilities don’t necessarily include the therapy and supports that rehab facilities offer. Oftentimes, those who apply for a rehab facility are required to go through some sort of detox to ensure that they’re no longer physically dependent on their drugs.
  • Luxury rehab facilities: One rehab that constantly shows up in the list of the world’s nicest luxury rehabs is the Passages Malibu rehab facility . Luxury rehab facilities are where celebrities and business executives go to detox. They are known for their lush amenities: they are built to be beautiful, extravagant places where recovering addicts don’t have to feel like they’re being treated. They offer additional treatments, such as massage treatments, yoga, and holistic options that other rehab facilities might not offer.
  • Support groups: Southern California has a huge number of support groups and meetings for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. There are a huge number of support meetings that allow recovering addicts to share their experiences and techniques.
    • Alcoholic’s Anonymous is a group that’s been around for decades. They help alcoholics follow a 12-step program towards maintaining their recovery.
    • Narcotics Anonymous functions in a similar way to AA Meetings, but they focus on those who are addicted to drugs instead of alcohol.
    • Al-anon is a group that focuses on offering support to the families and loved ones of alcoholics.

Southern California has a lot of resources that aren’t available in other states. If you’re looking to go clean, you should consider coming to Southern California!

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