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What Addictions Can Be Treated?

Many facilities will have fundamental recovery principles to treat all kinds of addictions. What kind of program is best for your specific addiction type depends on many factors.

Conventional rehab centers have the ability to properly treat addictions to recreational drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications. Additionally, there are facilities for addiction treatment that focus on numerous behavioral health issues that involved excessing eating, gambling, sex, love, shopping, work, and the internet.

Addiction Symptoms

Establishing if you or a loved one has an addiction can be initially worrisome, but as you understand the symptoms of addiction better, things can get much clearer. Addiction signs will differ based the substance used, but some common things to watch out for include:

  • Going through powerful cravings or urges to use substances or engage in the activity of choice.
  • Regularly using substances or engaging in the activity, regardless of negative consequences it may have caused.
  • Inability to complete tasks at work, home, or at school because of the addiction.
  • Regularly using substances or engaging in the activity in scenarios that can be hazardous, like driving.
  • Regularly using substances or engaging in the activity after enduring continuous problems with relationships that are worsened by drug use.
  • Substance use or engagement of the activity well past the allocated duration.
  • Inability to regulate one’s substance use or engagement in the activity, or not wanting to engage less or reduce use.
  • Wasting time acquiring or using the substance, or wasting the day participating in the activity of choice.
  • Ceasing important actions or cutting back on them because of substance use or activity engagement, like social, occupational, or recreational activities.

Every addiction is different. It is important to locate a treatment facility that can focus on individual addictions. The facility should be able to customize treatment plans based on what the person requires during their recovery.

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