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Orange County Outpatient Locations

Blue Coast Behavioral Health is an Orange County drug & alcohol outpatient rehab treatment center. We have two main locations to serve our outpatient clientele in Newport Beach, California and Santa Ana, California. As an extension of our detox/residential program (which operates as New Start Recovery), our intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Blue Coast Behavioral Health provides an additional level of care that most in recovery find incredibly beneficial when transitioning back to independent living.

Blue Coast Behavioral Health in Newport Beach, CA

About Our Newport Beach Location

4029 Westerly Place #101

Newport Beach, CA 92660


Blue Coast Behavioral Health in Santa Ana, CA

About Our Santa Ana Location

525 Cabrillo Park Drive #105

Santa Ana, CA 92701

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Orange County Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment offers many benefits to help those leaving detox/residential to stay on the path of recovery. Unfortunately relapse is statistically very common in early recovery. Outpatient offers a level of accountability and assistance to aid individuals in remaining clean and sober through the first sixty days. We also help people get set up with other tools such as sober living and a sober fellowship that will support a recovery-centered lifestyle.

The main components of IOP are psychoeducation and therapy. Individuals learn about the disease of addiction, as well as any accompanying mood disorders which compound the issues (this is known as dual diagnosis). In addition to psychoeducation, this knowledge is put to use by learning self help tools in both group and individual therapy. These tools are crucial because addiction rewires brain function, and that maladaptive function persists for a long while even after all drugs and alcohol has been flushed from the system. This can be reversed through tools such as crisis planning, WRAP, and Matrix Model therapy.

Accountability in Early Recovery

One of the main reasons outpatient is so crucial is that it adds a safeguard of accountability to a very vulnerable time. This is done through several methods at Blue Coast Behavioral Health, including:

  • Random drug testing
  • Aftercare planning
  • Group meetings and daily check-ins
  • Group and individual therapy to keep on track
  • A sober community network

These all provide different layers of protection that work together to continue on the journey of recovery.

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