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Rehab Facilities in Orange County CA

Alcoholism and drug addiction are difficult struggles for any individual, with the added complication of strain on the family. Many experts in the field call addiction a family disease because of the interpersonal conflicts that result from chemical dependency. Once an individual is ready to accept help, there are many options for rehab. Rehab facilities in Orange County CA have advantages that are unique in the United States. With year-round good weather and beautiful scenery, there are ample opportunities for personal growth and the spiritual healing required for recovery.

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Rehab Facilities in Orange County CA

With exposure therapy being an integral part of the treatment process, rehab facilities in Orange County CA also offer the core clinical features of substance use disorder treatment. These include several therapeutic modalities. The first is the Matrix Model which is administered over the course of a 16 week period. The model offers the structure and accountability required to succeed in recovery. It teaches users relapse prevention and how to socialize in a clean and sober environment. This is hugely beneficial because many individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol dependency have learned to rely on their substance of choice to get through social situations and manage their own emotions.

Another therapeutic modality used by many rehab facilities is known as WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Program). This is a personalized wellness program that assists recovering addicts to achieve the life that they want. The main components of WRAP are daily plans to stay on track with wellness goals and crisis management. This is enormously beneficial since many relapses occur as a result of crisis.

Benefits of Treatment for Recovery

Substance use disorder is classified as a mental disease. It changes the way brain chemistry works on a physiological level. Although it is possible for individuals to get clean and sober on their own, long term success rates increase dramatically with treatment. This is because treatment teaches recovery skills that clients can use in their lives after treatment to avoid relapse and continue on the path of a clean and sober lifestyle.

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How Treatment Centers Work with Families

Family dynamics are hugely affected with a person with substance use disorder in the family experiences active addiction. Trust is compromised and family can often feel hurt and confused when their loved ones behave in ways that are contrary to their character. But addiction is a behavioral disease and rehab facilities in Orange County CA offer the opportunity for family therapy and psychoeducation. This helps loved ones understand the disease, as well as how they interact with it through issues like codependency and enabling. Every member of the family brings their own relationship dynamics to the table and intersects with the addict, so they should be addressed accordingly. Every facility has different schedules for family therapy, but typically it ranges from once a week to once a month. Often, family therapy is in a group setting where families can share their experiences with each other in a non-judgemental setting.

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