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Orange County Inpatient Drug Rehab

Orange County inpatient drug rehab programs are the first step to sobriety for many individuals struggling with substance abuse. Programs provide the tools and psychoeducation needed to fight addiction and claim a new, sober life. Blue Coast Behavioral Health’s Orange County inpatient drug rehab program uses evidence-based treatment modalities to help lead clients to their best sober life. If you are looking for help for substance abuse in Orange County, call Blue Coast Behavioral Health today: 855-997-4702

Approach to Therapy

Our addiction counselors and clinicians go the extra mile to make sure that clients at Blue Coast Behavioral Health get the attention they need for treatment. Individualized treatment plans are the first step to ensuring that every person gets the most out of their treatment experience. Our community of alumni are also available for a sober fellowship network for aftercare.

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Taking the First Step to Orange County Inpatient Rehab

Addiction is not a choice. But recovery is, and it’s a very difficult one for many people suffering with active addiction. The struggle of denial and refusal to acknowledge the issue of substance abuse is a core feature of addiction. While it is difficult to take that first step, rehab opens the door for an incredible sober life of gratitude. So how do loved ones approach the subject of treatment with a person suffering with addiction?

Ultimately, addicts themselves can make the decision to pursue a life of recovery from chemical dependence. But loved ones can support them by providing options for treatment so they can take that first step as soon as possible when they do become ready. The window for an addict going to treatment is often small. Sometimes the window is as narrow as a few hours before the person has a change of heart to keep using (this is the substance hijacking the decision-making part of their brain). Blue Coast Behavioral Health’s substance abuse counselors are very experienced in talking to people during this small window. Our phones are open 24/7, because we know that this window can happen at any hour of the day: 855-997-4702

What Happens During Inpatient Rehab?

Although everyone has heard of rehab, many people are not familiar with what actually occurs in an inpatient rehab program. The program structure consists of these major components:

Inpatient drug rehab offers a unique opportunity for people suffering with substance use disorder to gain perspective through clearer thoughts and work through the underlying issues that fuel addictive behavior. The Matrix Model and WRAP therapy are two evidence-based practices utilized by Blue Coast Behavioral Health. These therapeutic modalities use crisis planning, daily sober maintenance, and detailed aftercare to ensure that sobriety lasts beyond treatment and becomes a lifestyle. This goal is supported in treatment through adventure therapy via supervised group outings with treatment staff. If you or a loved one is suffering with substance abuse, call our addiction counselors today: 855-997-4702