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Best Rehab Centers in Orange County

Orange County, California offers many benefits to those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol use disorder. Substance use disorder affects a person’s brain function and behavior. It leads to an individual’s inability to control their use of substances which can range from legal to illegal drugs. Many people suffering with substance use disorder abuse several substances simultaneously. Substance use disorder symptoms range from moderate to severe, with addiction being the most severe form of SUDs.

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What Qualifies for Substance Use Disorder?

Several criteria outline the different levels of substance use disorder. Some of the most common features of SUD:

  • Taking substances in larger amounts or for longer than prescribed
  • Wanting to cut down or stop, but not managing to
  • Spending a lot of time getting, using, or recovering from use of the substance

Many individuals with substance use disorder also struggle with a co-occurring mental illness. Dual diagnosis describes the intersection of substance use disorder with a mental health disorder such as clinical depression, anxiety, ADHD, or OCD. Clinical psychiatrists make official mental health disorder diagnoses. Dual diagnosis complicates substance use disorder due to additional symptoms that can compound the problems of SUD alone.

Managing dual diagnosis is one of the top priorities of rehab. Some examples of how dual diagnosis can affect quality of life and lead to relapse behaviors:

  • Untreated depression makes individuals feel despondent and hopeless about recovery
  • Anxiety can lead to panic attacks and other uncomfortable thoughts, including excessive worry about the future
  • ADHD leads to lack of focus and inability to manage basic life responsibilities, which can feel unmanageable
  • OCD can also create obsession over the future, and can lead to impulsive behaviors

Best Rehab Centers in Orange County

Options for rehab in Orange County include all levels of treatment. From acute detox care, to residential inpatient, to various levels of intensive outpatient care, individuals seeking care may go through a full continuum of treatment. The appropriate level of treatment depends on each individual’s circumstance. If you or a loved one is seeking help in the Orange County area, our addiction specialists offer free case assessments by phone: 855-997-4702


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