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    Drug and alcohol addiction is serious. It is persistent. And above all, it is challenging. While there are many ways to treat addiction, the most comprehensive approach is seeking out a quality inpatient rehab facility. Some people may be able to quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey, but this can be an extremely difficult and dangerous process for individuals who may be suffering from withdrawals from alcohol or certain painkiller and anxiety medications. Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs are the most effective form of care since they provide clients with intensive care and more time to recover.

    Blue Coast Behavioral Health offers an intensive rehab inpatient program for patients who wish to begin their recovery within a highly structured, supportive environment, staffed with medical and counseling professionals. Living on-site at Blue Coast Behavioral Health allows patients to focus on their recovery, free from all distractions. Inpatient treatment allows patients to unplug from their unhealthy routines and fully engage in treatment while being supported by our clinical staff.

    Our staff has been dedicated to providing exemplary care to men and women who are in need of treatment for substance abuse concerns and co-occurring mental health conditions. Our multi-disciplinary inpatient treatment program utilizes an abstinence-based, disease-concept model of treatment, with the length of stay based on individual needs. For some patients with a history of extensive alcohol or opioid use, treatment may include the use of non-addictive medication. Our programs treat the whole person: medically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally.

    Benefits of Addiction Rehab

    Structured Environment

    Access to professional medical and psychological support

    Good Weather Promotes Happiness and a Sense of Wellbeing

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    Drug Rehab Options in California

    Learning coping skills to manage triggers

    Building a support network with peers

    Opportunity to address underlying issues contributing to the addiction

    Our Mission is to help individuals break free from addictive behaviors and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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