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Vaginismus treatment Virginia

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the beauty industry is cosmetic gynecology which focuses on enhancing or correcting features that…

Vaginismus treatment Virginia

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the beauty industry is cosmetic gynecology which focuses on enhancing or correcting features that make the candidate uncomfortable. These procedures enhance the vulva and vagina by either reducing their size or shrinking them to the desired one. Women who have experience in these processes will tell you they achieve better sexual gratification and live happily and freely without the restrictive discomfort of female sexual problems in Richmond.

Everything about vaginismus treatment in Virginia

What is vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a restrictive condition that is uncomfortable and painful because it involves the contraction and tightening of vagina muscles. This condition is more common when you are at the prospect of penetration, which means any attempt will give you stabbing pains, severe discomfort, or burning sensations. Some people experience vaginismus even before they have sex, such as when they attempt to insert tampons.

The most common muscle group that reacts from penetration is the pubococcygeus muscle which controls penetration, orgasm, intercourse, childbirth, and bowel movements. Involuntary contraction upon contraction will often result in psychological tension because your mind learns to prepare itself against the impending pain. We want you to understand why this happens and the options you have towards recovery and healing.

Types of vaginismus


This kind is the one that will last a lifetime and usually starts way before you have any penetration. The male partner will experience something like a wall during intercourse. Your mind and body may go into shock and trigger difficulty breathing for as long as you are still attempting penetration.


This kind of vaginismus is more common during sexual intercourse and can start at any stage in life. As the name suggests, it is not an inborn issue. It can start at any point in life due to secondary triggers like infections, traumatic psychological reactions, surgery, or childbirth, among many more.

Vaginismus cures

Most people do not seek treatment because they experience stigma and prefer to battle through the pains with DIY treatments or avoid penetration for as long as possible. The challenge is to help you understand that vaginismus will rarely have physical symptoms; hence you should never ignore any signs from mild discomfort to severe sensations. Here are a couple of ways we treat vaginismus in both psychological and physical ways.


The first step is to try and figure out the cause of vaginismus in Midlothian and Richmond. Some psychological causes of this condition include a history of sexual abuse, low self-esteem, a dynamic of damaging relationships, and other similar tendencies. We adapt a mental and emotional approach to address your traumas and combine several physical exercises that relax your body and mind.


Often, physical therapy will help relax the pelvic floor and stop the spasms and clamps that cause pain. Some of these exercises include pelvic floor therapy, visceral mobilization, E-stims, using vaginal dilators, and many more.

Many different skills can ease and eventually treat vaginismus. We do not want to wish you the best of luck when we have the right tools, education, and experience handling the worst possible cases. Explore sexual wellness treatments and contact us at 804-523-2533 for more information.

Vaginismus treatment Virginia