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Sober Living Phoenix

Alliance Sober Living Homes is a leading facility that provides safe and comfortable housing for those recovering from addiction to…

Alliance Sober Living Homes is a leading facility that provides safe and comfortable housing for those recovering from addiction to sober living in Phoenix. We offer a smoother transition into a healthy and regular routine encompassed by compassionate people who dedicated to recovery.

What’s sober living homes?

Sober living homes are sober living environments where you can advance your recovery and smoothen the transition to healthy living. They’re facilities that provide secure, serene, and supportive living conditions for people exiting rehabilitation programs. Sober living homes serve as an intermediate environment between rehabs and conventional society. Most of these facilities also admit individuals who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction but haven’t in recent time completed a rehabilitation program.

Sober living homes substance-free living habitats for individuals attempting to keep up abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Residents are often needed to take drug evaluations and demonstrate endeavor towards long term sobriety. Sober living houses are typically set up around 12-steps programs or other recreation methodologies. In these facilities, there’re licensed clinical social workers psychiatric nurses who work in shifts to provide 24-hours supervision and integrated recovery care. They offer residential services, whereas others offer intensive outpatient services along with on-site medical care.

Sober living homes rules

In every set of sober living homes, laws differ from facility to facility. However, some of the rules are common to most sober environments. These typical rules include:

  • Strictly no use of drugs or alcohol
  • No drug bits and pieces promoting drug use
  • No threats, violence or offensive language
  • No relationships between the residents
  • Conformity with random drug tests
  • Participation in house meetings
  • Compliance with set curfews
  • Completion of household chores
  • Participation in either work, school, or an outpatient program
  • On-time rent payment

Each resident must sign an agreement outlining all the rules and regulations. Violations of the rules and regulations have different consequences. Residents who violate the rules may have to:

  • Pay a fine
  • Write down an essay about their breach
  • Address other residents and make an apology
  • Leave home depending on violation activity

A supportive sober living environment

We’ve got a knowledgeable, committed, and loving staff in combination with a safe and comfortable environment that gives you the necessary tools to transit to long term sobriety successfully. We educate our clients on the right way to live with others, support, and encourage one another towards their same objective of achieving recovery and lasting sobriety.

Our locations offer access to anywhere residents want to go and within walking distance to 12-step meetings and public transportation. We’ve got affordable amenities such as:

  • Full kitchen with two refrigerators
  • Premium beds, linens, and furnishings
  • A gaming computer, Wi-Fi, and 4K UHD flat-screen TVs
  • In-house laundry and so much more

Join a professional sober living home

If you’ve been looking for a professional, safe, and serene facility for your journey towards sober living in Phoenix, we’re here to help you achieve your objective.

You’ve completed the rehabilitation program, and now you’re up to get long-term recovery. Visit Alliance Sober Living Homes today to reinstate a firm and long-term sobriety.

Sober Living Phoenix