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Skilled Nursing Facility Parker

The skilled nursing facility Parker is a rehab center with a staff of trained professionals, including audiologists, nurses, and occupational… Skilled Nursing Facility Parker

Skilled Nursing Facility Parker

The skilled nursing facility Parker is a rehab center with a staff of trained professionals, including audiologists, nurses, and occupational therapists. The Suites Parker offers residence to patients on various forms of rehab treatments. The facility offer round the clock help to patients in need of specialized healthcare. The federal government regulates skilled nursing facilities in the country.

How does a skilled nursing facility operate?

Skilled nursing facilities should not discriminate against residents based on ethnicity, color, sex, age, religion, race, or any other characteristic. Discrimination could result in an investigation and implementation of punitive measures against the facility.

Patients who visit a skilled nursing facility receive an initial assessment as well as continuous assessment to determine their physical and mental health. The assessments also determine the medication to be administered to the patient, the resident’s ability to handle daily activities, as well as the patient’s ability to make independent decisions.

Residents in need of post-hospital care may qualify for 100 days of coverage by Medicare in a skilled nursing facility Parker. However, such patients must meet the requirements of Medicare to be eligible for coverage.

Skilled nursing facility vs. nursing home care

About 1.7 million people are living in nursing homes throughout the country. Unlike skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes provide long-term care to their residents. The services of a nursing home vary depending on the level of care that each resident requires.

Skilled nursing facilities provide some of the services of a nursing home as well as specialized healthcare, including rehabilitation and speech therapy. These facilities are staffed by specialists, including language pathologists, audiologists, and rehab specialists. Nursing homes do not typically have these healthcare specialists.

A skilled nursing facility uses various assessments to determine if a patient will be covered by Medicare or self. Unlike assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities do not charge buy-in fees. In addition, skilled nursing facilities are required to provide their charges in writing and provide patients or their caregivers with the details of relevant fees in advance.

How do you know you need a skilled nursing facility?

The main differences between a skilled nursing facility and a nursing home are the amount of medical attention required and the period of stay. A skilled nursing facility is typically for short stays to help patients make a full recovery. An assessment is usually done after the stay to determine if the patient is fit for discharge.

The main goal of a skilled nursing facility is to ensure patients return home to their healthy lives. Although the hospital may discharge a patient, he may need some time for a professional evaluation to determine if the patient is fit enough to go home safely and resume his daily duties.


Consider various factors when choosing a skilled nursing facility. Find out if the facility is close to your support system, including family and friends. In addition, choose a facility that provides decent meals. Consider the type of healthcare specialists present at the facility and if they can meet your needs.

The Suites Parker provides excellent skilled nursing services to residents. Visit one of our centers today to make an inquiry.

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Skilled Nursing Facility Parker

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