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Colorado Alcohol Rehabilitation

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction, Colorado alcohol rehabilitation can provide the help you need to get on the road…

Colorado Alcohol Rehabilitation

We are Valiant Living Detox and Assessment and we are here to help with your addiction and mental health needs. We are a non-judgment Colorado alcohol rehabilitation facility that wants to help you.

What to Know About Drinking Alcohol

Although it is common knowledge that alcohol can produce short-term inebriation, the detrimental consequences of heavy and prolonged drinking are not as widely recognized. Alcohol consumption should be taken seriously since it has many of the same dangerous properties as other illicit drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Its potential for addiction is just as strong and devastating to people’s lives if left unchecked.

Alcohol addiction is not only destructive to the brain and body, leading to diseases like liver failure, pancreatitis, cardiac complications, and impaired cognitive abilities; it can also be life-threatening. Withdrawing from alcohol without appropriate medical care may result in severe symptoms such as delirium tremens and seizures. For this reason, detox must take place in a secure environment with proper supervision by medically trained professionals.

Its Effects on the Body

Regular consumption of alcohol can have a variety of adverse and long-term health effects on your body. In the short term, consuming too much alcohol can lead to such problems as dehydration, impaired judgment, dizziness, and nausea. Over time, drinking in excess can increase the risk of a wide range of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cirrhosis of the liver, and certain types of cancers. Additionally, studies have also shown that people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than those who do not drink heavily. With all these possible repercussions in mind, it may be wise to practice caution when it comes to how much we consume when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Some specific issues that alcohol can cause in the body are:


Consuming too much alcohol can cause the pancreas to create toxins, resulting in dangerous inflammation and enlargement of the blood vessels that line this organ responsible for digestion. This medical condition is known as pancreatitis.


Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can wreak havoc on the liver, leading to numerous issues including steatosis (fatty liver), alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis. These inflammations can cause severe health complications if left untreated.


Prolonged and/or excessive alcohol consumption has serious consequences for the heart, ranging from cardiomyopathy – a stretching and drooping of the heart muscle – to arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) as well as higher chances of stroke or high blood pressure.


Alcohol can disrupt communication pathways in the brain, altering its physical structure and impacting one's moods and behaviors. Moreover, it may cloud judgment making thinking difficult and impeding the coordination of movements. After a night of disruptions, the brain may struggle to think and perform due to feeling exhausted. This can be evidenced by experiencing the physical hangover effects following such an eventful evening.

Immune System

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can have a negative effect on your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness. Those who are chronically overindulging in drinking are at higher risk for diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis compared to those who do not drink heavily. Even up to 24 hours after intoxication, consuming large quantities of alcohol has been shown to diminish the body's natural ability to combat infections.

Valiant Living Colorado Alcohol Rehabilitation

For those struggling with alcoholism, finding the right help and support is essential. Here at Valiant Living, we understand how severely alcohol can affect the body and how serious addiction can become without professional intervention. We offer a comprehensive program to guide people to sobriety on their terms – treating each individual case with judgment-free respect and compassion. From treatment options to strategies designed to facilitate lasting change, our inpatient and outpatient programs create long-term transformation from the struggles of active addiction. Don't wait another day – reach out to us today so that you can begin your journey toward a happier, healthier life.

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