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Berkeley Urgent Care

Instant Urgent Care represents the future of walk-in treatment centers. With our top of the line technology as well as…

Berkeley Urgent Care

Instant Urgent Care represents the future of walk-in treatment centers. With our top of the line technology as well as knowledgeable experts, we make sure you remain healthy for as long as you stick with us. We fully encourage you to revisit our center for future problems! The Berkeley Urgent Care facilities allow you to receive excellent medical treatment at any time. We can assist you with:

  1. General illness such as fever, headaches, cold and flu symptoms (which could turn out to be Coronavirus symptoms), nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, allergies and asthma, dizziness and fainting spells, ear, nose and throat problems, as well as rashes and other skin irritations. We have the best Berkeley walk-in clinic for all of these general medical issues. Although they seem harmless or just a passing fluke, we assure that they are not. They might be the symptoms of something much worse. Moreover, why would you not choose to get rid of these issues, regardless of how small they are?
  1. Infections like sinus infections, UTI’s and bladder infections, bacterial infections, ear, and eye infections, as well as viral infections. Our chief goal is to make you feel better. By using unbeaten medical practices, technologies, and methods, we will ensure you get better and remain healthy during your stay with us. Whenever you feel ill or sick, just drop by for a quick consultation and an efficient non-emergency treatment in Berkeley! We’re always here, ready to help.
  1. Minor injuries and cuts the likes of minor burns, cuts, abrasions and broken bones, sprains and strains, neck and back injuries, on-the-job injuries, sports-related injuries, as well as the removal of foreign objects.

At our hospital in Berkeley, you will benefit from our excellent treatment plans and the unmatched attention of our experts. We accept same-day and walk-in appointments with any of these issues.

General ER centers will make you wait for hours on end without receiving any kind of attention. That sort of behavior is a thing of the past here at our urgent care clinic in Berkeley. From the moment you walk through our doors, our undivided attention is on you.

We fully understand how an unexpected knife cut or a tropical disease contracted on your last vacation can completely ruin your day. Even the common cold can cause severe issues if you neglect it. However, with the urgent care in Berkeley, you don’t have to ignore it. We will take care of everything. All you have to do is make an appointment and get here that same day for treatment!

The Berkeley Urgent Care facilities we have are patient-focused, affordable, and, most importantly, extremely high-quality. We, at Instant Urgent Care, apply a personal touch when dealing with our patients. Serving our local community is what we do best, and ensuring your long-term health and wellbeing is our way of doing that. Contact us or just stop by to speak with a doctor!

Berkeley Urgent Care

Instant Urgent Care

3095 Telegraph Ave

Berkeley CA 94705 US

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