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Alcohol Treatment Centers Nh

The top rehab centers in New Hampshire are developing new and productive ways of helping addicts fight substance abuse. Instead…

The top rehab centers in New Hampshire are developing new and productive ways of helping addicts fight substance abuse. Instead of sticking to the traditional methods of recovering from addiction, rehabs go for a more unique approach in helping people to stay on the path of recovery for longer durations.

Our facility Riverbank House is a leading NH drug and alcohol rehab center that has the most versatile treatment programs along with a facility that will have a positive impact on your well-being.

Our Pathways To Recovery Approach For Alcohol Addiction Treatment

As a leading NH drug and alcohol rehab center, we have formulated a diversified plan for treating addiction. Using our various principles that are based on science and spirituality, we try to heal addicts.

Principle # 1: 28-Day Inpatient Program:

To make sure that our guests have fully recovered from addiction, we offer a 28-days inpatient program based on a long-term residential care model. We have the best long-term addiction program in New Hampshire as we have experts backing it up. According to the specialists, addicted people most stay in extensive care for at least three months to start living healthily again. We see a positive change in addicts after 28 days, and they are willing to be a part of our 90-days long-term care.

Principle # 2: Treat Neurological Changes:

The brain suffers the most severe effects of addiction. With addiction, the person loses control over his judgment and behavior and starts developing negative emotions. To gain control over the mind and body, we have developed a SOLO NO MORE program for our guests.

  • SOLO NO MORE Program: Our alcohol treatment center NH facilitates all our guests with recreational and challenging activities. This program is full of adventure and is specifically designed to help addicts come out of isolation and fight anxiety and depression by forcing them into healthy activities. Besides, the program also improves the sleep cycle, encourages social behavior, increases inner confidence, and also stabilizes mood and emotions. All these positive behavioral changes give the addict an optimistic approach towards life.

Principle # 3: 12 Steps Of Alcoholics Anonymous:

Although we have an unsurpassed potential to help addicts begin a new life, what makes our drug and alcohol rehab center, even better is our utilization of many pathways to recovery. Our treatments are made effective using the 12- Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which are based on science and supported by experts. Among NH alcohol treatment centers we are the only prominent addiction rehab that uses multiple pathways for treating addiction. We enforced the following recovery pathways at our rehab Smart Recovery Buddhist Recovery Network Practice of mindfulness

Principle # 4: Gives You A Safe Community:

Living in an environment that motivates you towards healing is necessary for long-term recovery. Riverbank House is located in an area that offers a lot of activities to our guests preparing them for the real challenges of life. From hiking to developing career skills, we present you with all the opportunities.

Contact us immediately to speak with an addiction recovery specialist at 877-533-9115.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Nh

Riverbank House

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